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Shoring Solutions in Washington, D.C., Maryland, & Virginia

Clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia trust DLL Scaffolding to provide exceptional shoring solutions at their worksites. Our company installs structural shoring and wall bracing solutions at construction sites to prevent collapse and keep projects moving forward. A building’s floors, beams, and foundation may be at risk when a wall or column is removed, and shoring supports a structure while these essential building components are missing. DLL Scaffolding may install vertical supports to replace the columns or walls while construction continues temporarily in this specific situation. Installing emergency structural shoring, stabilizes the building, and gives engineers time to develop a repair method, while the building is still in operation. We can often install this temporary shoring system, so it doesn’t interfere with a facility’s daily operation. Our company understands keeping a building in operation can be of the utmost importance for a property owner or manager.

scaffolding and shoring inside a building by DLL Scaffolding

DLL Scaffolding’s Approach to Safe, Reliable Shoring

Our clients depend on us to provide their projects with reliable commercial shoring, scaffolding, modular safety rail systems, and pedestrian canopies. As a woman- and minority-owned business, DLL Scaffolding focuses on safety and professionalism with all of our products and services in the vertical access industry. Our company has earned a reputation as one of the industry’s most respected businesses because of our emphasis on safety and quality. We have a broad range of equipment and can match you with the best solution for your unique job, including temporary structures for construction professionals and customizable scaffolding options. By taking a creative approach and staying versatile, we can support projects of all types, including extreme situations requiring shoring and access.

Professional Products & Services
in Washington, D.C.

If you need equipment rental solutions for your private, industrial, institutional, or municipal project, you can entrust us with your shoring and access needs. Our company is fully equipped to deliver equipment wherever you need it, paired with high-quality customer service. We provide clients with innovative design and engineering solutions and cutting-edge inventory. Our team offers design services and can submit drawings while collaborating with structural engineers to complete your ideal project delivery.

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