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Restoration & Construction Material Handling Solutions

Rent or Purchase Material Hoist From DLL Scaffolding in DC, MD & VA

DLL Scaffolding provides purchase or rental option programs that emphasize practical solutions based on client and project-defined requirements. With a large fleet of lifts and hoists in stock, DLL Scaffolding in Washington DC can offer each customer the singular advantage of being able to select the lifting equipment and sales or rental program that best suits the unique challenges of their construction project.

Our women and minority-owned Washington, D.C. scaffolding company have our clients’ construction projects covered with code-compliant solutions at their worksites in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. We offer transport, material only, and personnel-material platforms that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements to ensure a safe workplace. Our hoists are a transportation solution for people and materials, and we have a wide modular range of options. This wide selection of reliable hoist options results in outstanding flexibility to fulfill our clients’ needs. Our experienced team members at DLL Scaffolding can help you find the perfect material handling product. We serve customers in Washington, DC., Maryland & Virginia.

scaffolding and material lift by DLL Scaffolding

Superior Hoist, Shoring and Access Design, Engineering, Supply and Labor Services

DLL Scaffolding designs and engineers a wide array of access, shoring, and material/personnel hoisting equipment to keep your project productive. We offer products like suspended scaffolding, modular platforms, personnel and material hoists, swing stages, and rigging equipment and design, as well as expert consultation. All of these products ensure your industrial operation, maintenance, repair, or commercial construction project goes smoothly. You can count on our commitment to quality and safety with erection, dismantling, and rigging, and we always provide high-quality access, shoring, rigging, and hoisting equipment with consistency and professionalism.

Broad Range of Solutions & in-Depth Expertise

Our clients trust us because we have a staff of highly experienced equipment experts who rank among the industry’s best. We also have custom fabricated equipment to accommodate any specialty design needs for your project, whether they involve personnel or material hoisting services, access or shoring solutions. We supply clients with hoisting equipment of various types, such as beam trolleys, cable hoists, custom-designed rigging systems, and rigging tackle and hardware. Our company specializes in meeting your challenging project needs with custom solutions. We offer our clients a wide array of options, including rack and pinion personnel and material hoists, as well as cable drum material hoists, hoist installation solutions, swing stages, wind access solutions, monorail systems, permanent installations, and netting solutions for fall protection and debris containment. We also provide custom-designed shoring and bracing applications custom for your project needs.

DLL Scaffolding’s Professional Products

Every project deserves the best possible hoist products to help them control their workflow, budget, and schedule. With DLL Scaffolding’s impressive equipment, you get reliable performance with the safest and most efficient personnel and material lift delivery systems to all of your work levels. Let us exceed your expectations with our mounting options and personnel and material lifting capacities. We design our hoist equipment to accommodate your exact personnel and material handling needs.

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