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DLL Scaffolding’s Industry Projects

DLL Scaffolding has years of experience serving clients with projects in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our scaffolding projects include customized solutions for commercial, industrial, municipal, and private renovations, restorations, and construction projects of various types. Our clients have relied on us to provide a wide array of scaffolding, hoisting, shoring, and engineering options, covering all project phases from beginning to end. Whether you need custom engineering and design for a complex scaffolding situation, or thorough safety precautions at your worksite, we tailor our products and services to fit your specific needs. You can find some examples of our past projects below.

Benjamin Banneker High School Modernization

Project Location:
Benjamin Banneker, 925 Rhode Island Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.

General Contractor: MCN Build

November 2020 thru June 2021


  • Design & furnish scaffold access and dance floor in atrium
  • Engineer & maintenance of material hoist with landings to service four floors

Project Narrative:
DLL Scaffolding was contracted to provide a series of scaffold systems and work platforms to gain access to the skylights during the construction of a new high school. Due to atrium configuration, our team installed three platforms- the first measuring 26’ wide by 49’ long by 12’ in height, the second at 20’ wide by 45’ long by 24’ high, and the third coming in with dimensions of 26’ in width by 40’ in length by 53’ in height- around several columns within the shell of the building. Plywood planks and toe boards provided the materials that would make up the work platform so that trades could fully access the skylights and allow construction to continue below.

Additionally, a 4,000 lb material hoist was engineered, installed, and maintained to the interior of the structure. The implementation of the hoist had to carefully be placed within the building and the scaffolding platform as to not interfere. The hoist accessed floors 2 through 4 to transfer materials while the tradesmen and contractors utilized the stairwell. No re-shoring was required during install, and the material hoist was traditionally anchored to the steel beams.

Wicomico County Historic Courthouse

Project Location:
101 North Division Street, Salisbury, MD 21801

General Contractor: Ceepco Contracting, LLC

February 2017 thru September 2017


  • Furnish & install access scaffold system to exterior façade and clock tower
  • Install of rubber temporary trash chute

Project Narrative:
DLL Scaffolding had the opportunity to provide scaffold access to the exterior façade during the renovation of the historic 1878 Wicomico County Courthouse. This two-phased project required both the structural rehabilitation of the existing clock tower, and the restoration & reroofing of the courthouse. Our team of experts installed scaffold with deck levels to allow for painting, re-shingling, exterior finishes, and ornamental trim. A rubber temporary trash chute was also provided and worked within the scaffold system to allow the safe removal of debris and discarded materials.

Renovation of Coolidge Senior High School

Project Location:
6315 5th Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20011

General Contractor: Worcester Eisenbrandt

Completion: June 2019


  • Design and install of scaffold access system to cupola
  • Temporary stair tower with bridge as way to access cupola base
  • Scaf-rap containment system around scaffolding

Project Narrative:
DLL Scaffolding designed, furnished, and installed a scaffold system to the cupola in its entirety during the renovation of the structure. The system was placed upon sets of I beams to aid in weight distribution and measured a circumference of 28 ft wide by 28 ft long by 50 ft tall, with deck levels every 6.6 feet vertically. This scaffold was also fully enclosed in Scaf-rap as an enclosure due to wind conditions. To access the cupola, our team also installed a large temporary stair tower equipped with a bridge plank that spanned to the base of the cupola to allow the contractors a safe route from the ground to the area of work.

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